One Hour Roots of Hip Hop School Show

In-the-Schools Performances and Workshops: RDT’s The Roots of Hip Hop and its Day with Rainbow Dance Theatre offer youth programming for elementary through high school students. The Roots of Hip Hop takes audiences on a cultural history adventure that traces the popular urban African-American dance style Hip Hop back to its roots in African dancing and drumming.

Through dance performances, audience participation in dance and drumming, short vignettes and information “bytes”, The Roots of Hip Hop celebrates the rich cultural heritage of today’s African-American community. A Day with Rainbow Dance Theatre includes The Roots of Hip Hop performance followed by 2-4 workshops in West African Dance and Drumming and/ or Hip Hop and Break Dancing. Each workshop can hold up to 40 students. The “Day” can be expanded to 2-3 days to serve a greater portion of the student population in the individualized workshops.