RDT’s newest production “Selfie” presents an evening of non-stop surprises and stunning beauty when dance and technology collide onstage. The work features the popular social media phenomenon of the selfie as an integral part of the production both when audience members text their own selfies to the stage and as a point of departure for an exploration of the mystery of “self”.

Through high-powered dancing and the wizardry of motion tracking technology, audiences will be swept into an otherworldly artistic wonderland. The audience becomes a part of the show when they text their own selfie to the stage and see it appear during the performance. Then audience members journey with RDT through an exotic landscape – a sometimes gentle, sometimes explosive terrain – as “Selfie” delves into the mystery of the “self”. Are we our outer perceived persona, our inner emotions, or our deep unconscious self? Or are we the selfie that we “share” with the world?

In a truly global artistic process, Bergman and Thomas have collaborated with internationally renowned leaders in the fields of animation, motion tracking technology, and computer software design to create a powerful yet exuberant artistic entertainment. In addition to custom designed software from Hungarian programmer Gabor Papp, two full-stage scrim/screens, three projectors, two cameras, and three computers are necessary to run the elaborate production and create the beautiful landscape within which the dance unfolds. But none of this overshadows the high-powered, breath-taking physicality of the RDT dance ensemble, which brings passion and humor along with virtuosic dancing, gravity-defying partnering and sheer beauty of execution to the unique choreography that glues together this magnificent new work.

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Rainbow Dance Theatre
Outline of Technical Requirements for SELFIE

SELFIE is designed for performance in a variety of venues. The Company travels with its own scrims, screens, projectors, computers, and cameras, and can bring additional lighting equipment to augment the theatre’s inventory and a Marley stage floor covering if not available through the venue. The amount of load-in/setup and strike/load-out time is dependent on the capabilities of the venue. In a venue with a full-fly house setup is quicker. In a venue with no moving overhead pipes the hanging of scrims, screen, camera and overhead projectors will take longer. Load-in is preferred to begin mid-morning of the day prior to the show date. In special circumstances, same-day load-in may be possible.

Rainbow Dance Theatre Director of Production: Darryl Thomas / 503-930- 2732 / 503-838- 8375

The following list of requirements for producing SELFIE is meant as a guideline. The Company and its Director of Production are experienced in adapting to a variety of stage situations. As noted above the Company travels with its own equipment and can bring lighting equipment including a light board as well as a Marley dance floor if needed. The Company Director of Production will communicate with the theatre’s technical director well before the performance date to confirm arrangements and equipment needs.

Technical requirements for SELFIE

+ Clear, sprung performing space of at least 20 ft X 30 ft (25 X 35 preferred)

+ Marley dance floor covering (Company will bring upon request)

+ 3-4 wings each stage right and stage left

+ General stage lighting adequate for the space, including side lighting from wings, allowing at least six different “looks”, five “specials”: front-of- house, over-stage electrics and side lighting preferred. Company brings additional lighting instruments and can bring all lighting equipment if needed.

+ Cyclorama and/or black drape covering at back of stage

+ Main (Grand) Curtain at downstage edge of stage preferred, not required.

+ At least two private heated dressing rooms and lavatories

+ Sound system with ability to patch in Company’s performance computer, one microphone with stand at side of stage, on-stage monitors

+ Deck system allowing headset communication between backstage, technical director and technical booth(s)

+ 3-5 Fly pipes (preferred) or overhead grid from which to hang 1-2 scrims, 1 projection screen, 1 camera and 2 projectors

+ AC current hookups (standard) for projectors, computer and cameras on stage and at location at the back of the house

+ Use of theatre’s wireless internet connection to facilitate receiving “selfies” sent from the audience to the stage prior to and during the first part of the performance

+ Crew: Four crew members (preferred) for load-in and set-up, performance and load-out: theatre technical director familiar with light and sound operation, one light board operator, two stagehands. Upon request, this number may be reduced, but any reduction in crew may mean longer than usual setup time.

+ Load-in to begin up to 36 hours prior to curtain: this time may be shortened if light plot is pre-hung in accordance with Company Director of Production’s specifications and stage capabilities allow for rapid setup of show.

Detailed technical rider is available upon request.